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tonight we tell you what happened as crews try to save 3 people washed that the cold bay waters. >> plus the annual new year's >> plus the annual new year's crack down on drunk driving.
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be. >> this is a live lack outside right now. as more rain moving into the bay area tonight. good evening. here we good again. let's begin our storm watch coverage tonight with lisa. rain but doesn't sound like a lot of it. >> yes. absolutely right dan. we begin to see the atmosphere moisture inup and here's don don. you notice the darker
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green where the rainy is actually hitting the ground. coast up in may rip county even over the golden gate bridge we see returns but mostly it is offshore and as we go closer to the north bay highway 101 clover dale and santa rosa light rain but most of it still in the higher elevations. highway 1 the more rural areas but right now through tiburon golden gate bridge wet weather and drizzle over in berkeley. orinda pretty good right now but first south we may have a little drizzle counsel through san ramone valley definitely cloudy and it has been cold today along the coast you will notice you are looking at few returns but the timing of the system has it coming in pretty much overnight and once again more widely scattered through the overnight hours. ping has cold air with the system and we'll talk about high surf advisory too and what the new years forecast is a little bit later. >> thanks very much. >> with all the rain bay area reservoir are overflowing with rain water. we have the report
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from the reservoir up here one of several that are spilling over tonight. >> water somewhating down the spill way from lake near mount tam full and overflowing. rushing water is cascading over the top of the dam into alpine lake below. >> just so full. last time i cae here it was probably like last year at some point and this all wasn't water. it was way out. >>reporter: beautiful sight to see. especially if you are in the water business. >> all of the reservoir as o ofless night reached capacity. that's the earliest that we have done that since the 1983. >>reporter: that's amazing considering reservoir don't usually top off until april but in drought years lakes can look like desert. this was the reservoir in 1991. >> having lived here with water ration oning back in the 90's it's great to see we have a leg up on it already. >>reporter: how long to catch
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that. >> like 2 minutes. >>reporter: high water means the trout are biting. big tim time. >> because they are all near the shore instead of way out further. >>reporter: what will do you with the fish. >> eat it. >>reporter: why he there is a lot of water but we are told no chance of flooding for creek downstream. despite all the water you see around me officials are still your honoring residents to conserve. in marin county, abc 7 news. >> well all of the reservoir this feed the bay area water supply are in pretty good shape. san francisco public utility commission tells us its reservoirs at 83 percent of capacity. >> east bay mud 5 reservoir at colonel bind 85 percent and one of the santa clara valley water district biggest rain water reservoir that's the lexington is at 63 percent. ment of room for more rain but still off to very good start this early in the season. well from rain to snow it is a perfect weekend for tahoe as we head into the new year holiday with weekend right before it. there is a
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lot of snow up there. 7 news john talked with bay area folk heading into the slopes this weekend. >>reporter: holiday combine with nice weather and plenty of new snow making sierra ski resort a magnet for bay area rest kent. >> we came today and we first time we open the season. we got together and we are excited to begin this season with fun and enjoyment. >>reporter: 7-year-old from san jose first taste of slopes. family drove from the south bay this morning. how is the snow. >> learning how to ski. i don't have a chance to learn when i was young so here we go. >>reporter: then there was oakland native larry rogers now living in chicago. great snow this weekend so i had to get up here and bring the kid. great time. >>reporter: don't get snow in chicago do you.
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>> we get snow but we don't get the mountains. we need snow and mountains. thinks perfect. >> holiday lane up perfect for us. holiday where normally only 2 with lining up with the weekend experience in higher than normal volume. today we have already beat budget and seven hours left. >>reporter: bone dry all clear today making it that much easier from the bay area up to the slopes. at blue canyon, abc 7 news. >> national weather service confirms that rare tornado touched down in watsonville over the weekend look at the damp over mess of 75 miles an hour wind across a 20 yard path on saturday. one green house at the nursery here on san andre as road crushed and 4 others damaged. >> tornado about 7:00 o'clock and crew generally starts at 7:00 o'clock so they were just getting the tool and ready to come to the green house to
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start cutting. and i'm so thankful that nobody was in there. >>reporter: that's the good news. last recorded tornado in watts watsonville was 10 years ago. stay with us on air and on line for storm watch coverage. get weather alert on our twitter feed and follow us at this site. >> other news tonight. 2 people sadly dead tonight after they were swept into the water in marin county. sky 7 hd overhead as rescue boats returned tonight. 3 people were washed in the water around 4 this afternoon near point bonita person able to make it to shore and called 911 rescuers including coast guard and fire department searched for the other 2. man and boy. their bodies were recovered just after 5. still no word open exactly how they ended up in the water. we have the very lateness the live report tonight on 7 news at 11 open the scene of the terrible tragedy. 2 men fatally shot. woman
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stabbed to death and second woman the victim of what police are call vehicular manslaughte manslaughter. the crash followed a chp chase that ended tragically at 98 and stanley avenue in east oakland. nick smith has the very latest. >> i heard just boom boom boom and just wouldn't stop. >> ricky lives few houses away from where 2 men shot and killed just after 1:00 a.m. there have been no arrest and police have not identified a suspect. this morning the 800 block of mead avenue remained active crime scene with investigators looking for clue and collecting evidence. >> i heard 20 shots at least. in succession. >>reporter: minutes later unrelated attack a woman was stabbed to death in this apartment in east oakland. police have detained a man who had cuts to his hand. crime scene investigators moved in and out of the second floor apartment telling abc 7 news that they were still working to identify the victim. all of
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this fall on the heel of comments made by oakland police chief howard jordan yesterday where he discussed putting in place a two point plan to fight violent crime in oakland. >> don't want a repeat of this year next year. we have 127 murder this year. >>reporter: that's now 130 murder after the two gunshot victims on immediate and the stabbing on walnut street. but another person died on the streets of oakland before sunrise. the driver of this bmw is now in police custody after he ran from police and smashed his car into this lincoln. >> for whatever reason he thought it was prudent for him to flee police personnel. >>reporter: 5 people in the car never saw the bmw come and had no time to get out of the speeding car way. woman in her 20's passenger in the town car suffered major injuries when the bmw hit the rear passenger side and died at the scene. >> driver of that bmw identified as moore of oakland facing felony charges. >> evading police officer and
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vehicular manslaughter. >>reporter: driver of that bmw will also face felony hit-and-run charges. now police not identified the passenger in that lincoln who died at the scene. also lacking for someone else who was in that bmw who ran from police when the car crashed. at oakland police headquarters nick smith abc 7 news. more crime news police made a sixth arrest in the case of a man and woman found bound and gagged on a street in san francisco. they also have some new details release ing into what may have caused that incredibly vicious attack. new person charged with murder 26-year-old catherine ong known by the nickname killer. police say she and 5 other people stormed a house on december 9. beat up the man and young woman and left him for dead on the street. man died woman survived. district attorney says the attack may connected to credit card fraud operation. >> more to bring enthusiastic friday. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. annual new
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year's crack down on drunk drivers under way right now and this year an idea for stopping repeat offenders. >> plus take a ride back in tile. how cool is this. why the retro-license plates may back on the road and how you cap get one on your car. >> and bit later. bit of optimism today about the fiscal cliff. president last minute message to congress as the count down gets very close now. >> we are tracking the latest rain come in on live doppler 7hd. rain moving over the bay area now. live picture. lisa
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>> don't be surprised if you run across one of these in your neighborhood over the next few days. right now the highway patrol and other local law enforcement agency around the bay area are launching their annual crack down on drunk drivers. dui checkpoint in place tonight through the bay area and they will be up and running through new year's day to try to keep people safe and drugs off the road. >> one bay area lawmaker proposing new solution for getting repeat drunk drivers off the road. already being used in other states and some
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considering it here. david has the story. >> thinking behind proposed crack down over repeat offenders is to address what hill says is a high rate of drunk drivers who don't modify their behavior. he cite 2009 statistics most recent numbers available. >> there were 161,000, 161,000 dui arrests and conviction ins california. and 27 percent of those were repeat offenders. >>reporter: second dui conviction would require a driver to buy and install ignition intercept did he vase. this is video posted on you tube by several manufacturers showing how the did he advises work. breath sample taken and car will start only if the driver passes the test. law enforcement agency say so bright check points such as this one in los altos helped to intercept drunk drivers and take them off the street. redwood city police officers have checked 15,000 vehicle so far this holiday period and
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made 18 arrest. they support senator hill bill as an additional deterrent. >> this legislation being proposed today is actually needed to be added as part of the arsenal we have in deterring people that may not just have the will, dedication or the morale fortitude to not drive drunk. >>reporter: ignition intercept did he advice cost 100 dollars initially but requires ongoing calibration to ensure accuracy. that can run additional 50 to 100 dollars every two months. 2 time fender would have to use the did he advice for one year. 3 time fender would use it for two years. the 4 time fender for 3 years. mother against drunk driving would prefer that the proposed law be tougher. >> madd would prefer they be installed on every dui convicted person car. in the mean time this legislation is a great stop gap. >>reporter: she says stop gap because 4 california county including alameda county are in the mid of pilot project that
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the ignition device rather required after the first conviction. they hope data will come out3w to bolster the cull for even tougher law. in cupertino, 7 news. >> be careful the next few days. piece of the past could repair on california road in the new year. dmv begin to take orders from retro-license plates on january 1st. model after once the agency issued back in the 50's 60's and 70's. legacy plates are not a sure thing though. dmv need at least 7500 orders by 2015 to start the program although with so many drivers in california one hopes that threshold they could reach. price is 50 dollars each plate. link to where you can apply for one on our web site under see it on tv. kind of cool. especially with older vintage car. >> definitely. >> spencer is off. lisa is here with the weather for tonight and arabian rain and of
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course through new year's. >> actually most of it over with tonight. so the weekend, yes. looking pretty good out three about but item very, very cold out there that is area of low pressure has pretty cold air associated witness. live look outside. golden gate bridge you can see folks beginning to use the wipers and visibility reduced on the coast. half man bay. one $100 inch of rain so it's beginning to materialize. in fact as we look at live doppler 7 hd you notice the darker green from the coast and lighter green in our inland east bay but we look closer in the north bay it's raining in airport there so definitely be careful out there. a lot of folks out looking terrain along highway 1. sea ranch jern petaluma wet weather but don't worry we ridiculous at very light amounts through tomorrow morning over into the east bay from richmond and berkeley a little bit of light rain more rain from the bridge. south ward sfo reporting light rain. further to the east it's qui society far in the livermore valley. union city fremont but
9:19 pm
you head west ward and through moss beach, definitely looking at that wet weather. slick roadway reduced visibility and santa cruz mountains notice here off the coast enhancement one of the spots we see maybe half inch of rain before it's all said and done. right now ems in the low to mid 40's. it was a chilly afternoon 46 right now in oakland 48 san francisco with low 40's over in antioch and fairfield. fairfield pretty gusty wind right now over 20 miles an hour. light rain tonight. some showers early tomorrow focusing around the south bay. santa cruz mountains. north bay clear out first. sfo level at around 3000 feecht we have seen rain and snow mix early this afternoon around ukiah and chilly day tomorrow and really cold start sunday morning but sunshine in the afternoon so here's the set up weak system offshore. area of low pressure will continue to travel down the coast throughout the next several hours and as it does it
9:20 pm
will spin up some rain into the bay area. not everyone is going to get wet. look at 11:00 o'clock and notice the light rain. go through the overnight hours it's more widely scattered and then by 6 or 7:00 o'clock looks like the san mateo coast, santa cruz mountains and south bay could see light showers even right on through the early afternoon but then out of here. rainfall amounts will be most from the san mateo coast around quarter inch but the mountains up the north bay perhaps half inch to continueth of an inch. but with the chilly air, area of low pressure and storm system to the north we get some pretty big as well as through the overnight hours. high surf advisory from 10:00 o'clock until 10:00 o'clock saturday night northwest swell anywhere from 10 to 14 feet. look at the numbers overnight. upper 30's. mount hall hamilton 45 half moon bay. tomorrow high pressure upper 40's in the north bay to about 51 fremont
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but only 49 in concord. another cool indicate and mostly clear out here easterly afternoon with 50 in gilroy. light showers to the early afternoon in santa cruz. sunny cold for sunday. monday slight chance of showers but other than that sunshine will dominate and look for next weather maker that the middle of next week. >> thanks very much. >> just ahead here. bizarre family feud. college student goes to court and gets a restraining order against her parents. why she says they are stalking her. >> bit later the amazing length that one man went to to save a dog from a frozen lake. stay dog from a frozen lake. stay with us. 7 newsíáf-
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>> we have a bizarre court case to talk about tonight. college student says her own parents
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were stalking her so she went to court to get them to stop. abc news reporter lindsay davis has the story. if [ singing]. >>reporter: awe bring is a gifted 21-year-old theater major. often winning major roles in her school musical. but her latest win wasn't at her music conservetory but in court. after she filed a civil stalking order against her parents. earlier this month a judge ruled in her favor ordering that her parents must stay at least 500 feet away from their only child. >> basically thought that because they were paying for my college tuition and living expense that is they could tell me what to do, who to hang out with basically control all of my daily life. >>reporter: the dean list students complaints against her parents when she realize they installed monitoring software
9:26 pm
on the computer and phone. making the singing hopeful feel like a dog with a collar. they also paid unannounced visits to the daughter traveling 600 miles from their home in kansas to the meet with her department head. accusing their daughter of promiscuity drugs and mental issues to the point where they were considering going to court to order that she get treatmen treatment. >> my mom has always been overly involved and i would have to get on skype and show them i was in my dorm room or like there were nights hi to leave the skype on all night. and my mom would watch me basically sleep. >>reporter: she claims her parents david and julie ireland are diagnosed with co-depend disorder but they say their daughter is a good actor saying she's lying and calling her an only child who has been catered to all her life. because she's cut tie was them in a very public way, they now want a refund of the 66,000 dollars they have already paid for her
9:27 pm
education. her mother says we are not bothering her. we are not a problem. >> i never wanted this to happen. that's the last thing i wanted but i wasn't in control of my life at all any more. i knew that they were holding me back emotionally mentally and professionally and that it got to the point where that was basically my last option. >>reporter: and court mediator recently told the ireland they were the issue here not their daughter. >> just ahead tonight. new hope lawmakers may not lead us over the fiscal cliff after all. come up next president obama draws new line in the sand. his plan for avoiding new year tax hike. >> luxury holiday cruise nightmare. not just happening on 1 ship nightmare. >> stern censorship changes over sea. one country insist all i know net users must do all i know net users must do before logging on. stay with
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>> late afternoon meeting at the white house brings some progress toward avoiding the fiscal cliff which is coming very soon. just a couple of days. tonight the president called the meeting constructiv constructive. mark matthews has look at the cost of going over the fiscal cliff if we do. >> president is optimistic but if deal can't be reached this weekend he will tell senate leader reid tiny introduce a fall back bill. >> bill on the floor that make sure that taxes on middle class family don't go up. that unemployment insurance is still available for two million people lay the ground work then for additional deficit reduction and economic growth
9:32 pm
steps to take in the new year that. >> bill ass the president calls the bare minimum isn't what many on capitol hill had hoped for. it pushes off until next year the larger problems of dealing with the debt ceiling and automatic spending cuts. study by george mason university found spending cut will result in two million jobs lost and 215 billion dollar drop in the nation gross domestic product. that's the value of all the goods and services produced. for california it means defense spending would be cut by half billion dollars. 12,000 children from low income family would look the access to head start programs, 2,000 fewer women not given screening for breast cervical cancer. domestic violence people would lose services. 8,000 tour california tested for hive and 2 96,000 students would see their title 1 benefit cut. employment assistance to 143 143,000 job seekers also cut. and uc health system could face
9:33 pm
21 million in cuts from the loss of medicare revenue. after today white house meeting nancy pelosi said she was encouraged a little. >> but it was constructive and candor is constructive and i think it moved us forward. well see. >>reporter: republicans blame president obama for the collapse of a bigger deal which would have cut spending and reduce the debt. >> it is the president's responsibility to layout a plan and to bring people together. >>reporter: tonight senate majority leader reid and senate republican leader mcconnell agreed to spend the weekend working on plan that will be able to pass both chambers of congress. in assessing the impact of the cuts we relied on the study from george mason university taking a broad look at where the cuts would come. drill down into specifics we call head start program. we called health care centers and laboratories and anybody who would rely on federal money this might be cut and what we were told universally is that
9:34 pm
nobody really had an idea of which programs would be cut and which programs would be spared. they are all waiting for the word from congress. like the rest of us. 7 news. >> and we wait. warning tonight from pg&e. utility is sending out tweet right now warning people that a man with hispanic accent is calling senior citizens and ease telling them the service will be cut off unless they provide credit card or gift card information pg&e tells us it's a scam. utility will never ask for that kind of personal information over the phone and they want anyone who has been targeted to contact police medley to rundown who this person is. >> some call long overdue system for alerting the california public about missing seniors is set to take effect january 1st. the silver alert program will allow authorities to issue an emergency alert if someone who is 65 years of age or older and suffers from can i mention a goes missing. program is similar to the amber
9:35 pm
alert program used for missing orchid napped children except electronic highway sign won't be used in the case. instead authorities would alert the news media and neighboring law enforcement agency. 30 other states already have some form of the silver alert program. with millions on vacation this holiday unwelcome headline tonight for hundreds of passengers on 2 separate cruise ships. holiday trips turned in a nightmare when so many of them became very sick. matt is in miami. >>reporter: it advertises comfort. luxury. fine dining. >> now sailing on the grandest ocean liner ever. queen mary 2. >>reporter: but now the huge ocean liner one of 3 cruises just this week to be rocked by mass outbreak of the stomach flu. 194 queen mary passengers reported contracting the bug believed to be the highly contagious knurl virus. >> even resist most of the
9:36 pm
disinfectant used to clean variabilityal surfaces. >>reporter: just touch something like this and put it to your mouth and get the viru virus. >> right no, treatment for the bug. some passengers on the queen mary say the captain suggested they steer clear of the buffet. and tonight the cdc is investigating why nearly 200 people were stricken aboard another ship. emerald princess which docked in fort lauderdale yesterday oneth passengers was sue posted on facebook staff can't keep up for those that are sick. 16 ships reported stomach flu outbreak this year. cruise line point out only a tiny fraction of the passengers are affected. small comfort for those passengers sick on the high seas. matt abc 7 news miami. >> russia made it official today. now illegal for americans to adopt russian child russian president putin signed a bill this morning that bans u.s. adoptions. it also stops dozens of adoptions already under way. now the ban is believed to be in retaliation for a u.s. law
9:37 pm
that calls for sanctions against russian officials over human rights violations. >> chinese government unveiled tirt internet censorship rules. internet users in china required to log on with the first and last name and list of forbidden web sthit already include facebook twitter and you tube has now been expanded. government is also ordering service providers to delete postings on message boards that might be viewed as critical of the chinese communist party. >> in maine law legalizing same sex marriage just went into effect about 30 minutes ago. city hall in portland opened at midnight give out the first marriage license. voters approved gay marriage in november in maine. similar law in maryland takes effect january 1st couple days from now. already legal in washington state. those 3 states were the if is to approve gay marriage by popular vote. >> just ahead here. details with the new year's resolution perhaps? guess what? there's an app for that. new
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>> 'tis the season for making new year's resolution then week or two later usually the season for breaking them. i have done that many times. what if you could get a little help following through? jonathan has this look at bay area social media company that found a way to do just that. >> i have a start up i want start up to grow that's my new year's resolution. >>reporter: he's thinking big. most people resolution sound something like this. >> this year graduate from college i need to start cooking for myself and doing more exercise. >> i want to travel more next year. >>reporter: lofty goal for some folk a little help to reach them would be worth something. >> i would pay somebody 30
9:42 pm
dollars a month maybe. >> maybe link ordeal that i don't know about or secret many destination. >>reporter: there's web site for. that called place where you can offer up reward for specific kind of information or expertise. >> they say i want this i will pay this much irngs vice president showed us reward offered for cooking tip. >> learn thousand make the meal and be able to do it at home. >>reporter: work out advice. >> looking for a plan to run a marathon in under 4 hours. >>reporter: vacation planning. >> best itinerary 10 dollars. >>reporter: if you offer reward you pick the winner. >> up to 100 different people trying to win the reward then up to them to decide well this person obviously knows that the best this is the person i award and pay out. >>reporter: if you are an expert at something, you can earn some cash. >> i'm a dessert guy honestly. i love all sweet from pie to ice cream cake anything. >>reporter: derek told us by skype he made 75 bucks teaching
9:43 pm
someone how to replicate indicate his wife favorite pie for christmas. >> that was a gift. he thanked me said it was graichlt delicious so i was happy to help. >>reporter: how much can you get for giving good advice? well if you help ken with the start up maybe a lot. >> could be 10 buck could be 1 million dollars. >>reporter: if san francisco, john then bloom abc 7 news. >> just ahead tonight. getting that the bowl game spirit pep rally day head of big college football weekend. cashing in on the kraft fight hunger boy. urge to give isn't just something that happens around the holidays. actually much more primal. what researchers found about why we
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>> giants baseball diamond is new a football gridish. all decked out for the big game between the u.s. naval academy and arizona state this weekend. we were overhead. you can see it's all dressed up and ready to go now. looking pretty spiffy. sergio reports that everyone is in high spirits and game is bring ago big boost to game is bring ago big boost to the local economy [ band playing]. >>reporter: in the spirited match up between the u.s. naval academy and arizona state sun devil fans family from across the country are here. where are you from. >> maryland. >> i'm from chicago. presently phoenix arizona. >>reporter: that's john kaiser. he and his wife are here to support their daughter who is part of the arizona sun devil spirit corps. been awhile since they visited the city. >> when i was here i was like
9:48 pm
her age basically younger than her. so of course look at the shopping. >>reporter: mascot is a proud mother of nelson one of the front-line players on the team. 5 day trip is a special treat for the whole family. >> we told the girls he made the bowl game that would be the christmas present. alcatraz yeth was kishltion all here for the game and they are all bringing a healthy boost to the local economy. >> 2 peoples really exited to be here and fans are exited to be here and i think we are filling up all the hotel in san francisco. >>reporter: 33,000 tickets have already been sold for this match up. 40,000 is not yet but organizers estimate this is another banner year for this bowl game. >> over the last 11 years we brought in 130 million dollars so that is average of 12 or 13 million dollars a year for the san francisco economy. >>reporter: again the game not pulled out so if you would like to check out a college bowl
9:49 pm
game you can buy a ticket on line or come did you know to the at&t box office. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> fun if you haven't ever been to a bowl game. >> new study may found or provide some insight into ultra wisdom. monkey found certain brain cell fired when the animal gave something away but not when they received anythin anything. why animals act unselfishly at times long a mystery but researchers found monkey and mice would rather starve than hurt others. learn something i suppose. study appears in the journal of neuroscience. >> afternoon walk turned into quite an ordeal for michigan man and his hunting dog. pair were walking near lakeie when the dog wandered away and hell through the ice. the cousin put on waders and kept him calm and warm until helper. >> went to the dig and culd on the belly on the ice and got to
9:50 pm
him. lifted the dog on the ice and rescue put a boat there and hauled him up into the boat. >> getting the dog out was not easy. rescuer fell in the ice and had to crawl to safety. dog is doing fine despite being waist deep freezing water for an hour and a half. poor bart. looks stunned but okay. >> let's update the weather forecast. lisa is here. >> hi dan. we are looking at wet weather. rainy cold evening across the bay area. live doppler 7 hd show the rain from ukiah through winds or and south ward. san rafael santa rosa reporting some light rain. lighter returns in the east bay around american canyon hercules and richmond berkeley not a lot going on yet won't see a whole lot of rain. this is weak system. cold air associated with it and we'll be out of here by the morning hours but it's raining from san francisco to san mateo coast to pacifica half moon bay and we'll see stronger returns here
9:51 pm
santa cruz mountains. look anywhere from 10 to the quarter inch most areas and if traveling tomorrow it will be wet inside in southern california. 60's there and we clear out. see sunshine by the midmorning hours. it's a cool afternoon. need the sun to warm one high pressure just in the lower 50's. check out the east bay and delta some upper 40's frosty morning on sunday then more sunshine in the afternoon of temperature trying to modify by new year's eve slight chance of showers each of the day. >> no big deal. >> thank you lisa very much. sports director is off collin here. warriors in action doing well tonight. >> yes. yes. looking pretty good. kind of up and down game but i think the result people will lake to see. last year warriors register the 20th win of the year in game number 46. in search of no. 20 tonight in in search of no. 20 tonight in game no.
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. late details on what happened when 3 people
9:55 pm
were washed in the ocean justoue get more information on the tragic story for you. plus we are tracking the weather as it moves into the bay area tonight. when the rain is going to reach your neighborhood. those stories and a lot more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. but collin is here with all the sports now. warriors doing well tonight. >> nice to see. what a great start to the year. all the warrior fans waiting for this for a number of years. well here it is. first of 3 straight home games for the warriors. wright making his return tonight. sixers at oracle. 15 and 2 and holding opponent to 100 points or less. that means the defense need to be stingy it was tonight. young loses the handle. to barns 2 hand flush. i mention wright. sthaw in the two years here. he finished with 8. renaissance isn't happening. young this belongs in row 1. david lee approves and offers
9:56 pm
the finger wave. second quarter. offhand off glass warriors by 7. lee with 25 and 12 more defense karl times it. the swat on young. third quarter. defense continues clay thompson forces turn over. lee flashing the handle to barns. strong to the rack. 18 point lead. need more count it and fouled. make the 43 throw. yes. 96-89 warriors win it now 20 and 10 on the season. boston in town tomorrow night. huge local boxing news to tell you about. make fight between gilroy robert guerrero and 5 division world champion floyd may weather close to done deal. here's what i know. fight would take place at the mgm grand in las vegas most lookly this coming may 4. all likelihood this would be a pay purview event. may weather long been acustom to the big payday. biggest for gear rare
9:57 pm
0after pummeling of burt in october. robert and team have actively pursued this fight for most. told me over the summer he think he earned it and think east could within the. not good enough to be the back up yet he's good enough to be the starter i guess. raiders head coach allen backtracking after the team lost to kerr line. today he told the media prayer will start ahead of liner. this sunday in san diego season finale going within effective if relief of injured palmer last week. this would be the start and liingtded inactive first 11 games of the season. >> i want to see him play and go out and relax and play the game of football l the way it's to be playeded. i want command of the huddle and to us get in and out of the huddle and operation smooth and run ago fence and then i want to see him protect the football. make good decisions. protect the
9:58 pm
football and then hopefully he'll be able to do something with his skel set to give us a chance to move down the field and score some point. >> points would be nice. >> eager to get back out there. those were the word from davis today. forty-niner tight end still covering from this hit in seattle. wearing the non-contact jersey second day in practice. questionable for arizona this wean. adamant he wants to play in cleared and still thinking about the hit. >> pretty brutal. looked pretty brutal. it was brutal. brutal. >>reporter: do you think it was legal and penaltyize but not fined. >> i don't think it was legal, no. if. >> you can blame all the commotion on union square today on this. [ band playing] abou
9:59 pm
about. >> band players coaches arizona state take downtown san francisco for co-pep rally 2 schools face off tomorrow in the hunger bowl. 49ers quarterback collin played two years ago in the victory over boston college. coach in nevada is retiring. known for creating the pistol offense under which he thrived he leaves after 28 years with winningest coach in wolf pack history. minnesota texas tech. the check out the kick off return by the red raiders grant. 160 pounds of pure speed. 99 yard kick off return early on for lee. late fourth quarter tech trailing 31-24. 35 yard to even it up in the game just on time. texas tech late field goal win it 34-31. that is a whole lot of meat. annual house of prime

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